Globalization : A World Wide Movement Essay

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Globalization is a phenomenon, a world wide movement where nations and communities come together and form a network. Throughout the course we explored the integration and interdependence of various nations, which ultimately shapes world affairs on a global level.Evidently, growth of the developing countries is the main cause of globalization and it brings both opportunities and disadvantages to them. There are numerous ways in which globalization has impacted the world today.The course also created great emphasis on what it means to be a Global Citizen. Some of these include modification of worldwide environment, global economy, and culture and media. A Global Citizen can be defined as someone who can identify themselves with being part of an emerging world and who contributes in the making. A global citizen is not limited in the number of the ways they can contribute. In fact, every contribution has its own valuable, a contribution can be as simple as recycling or as complex as creating an a world wide movement. By being a Global citizen one is agreeing to contribute and be part of a community which is focused on creating a better world. Global citizens are to articulate shared values and build a more governed structure for beliefs. A global citizen ideally combines their own ethically beliefs with those of others, allowing them to become involved and have a sense of purpose on a higher lever.Throughout this essay I will discuess the impact of being a global citizen can
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