Globalization And Dehumanization

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Big corporate companies’ exploitation of workers in developing countries are driven from the basis of treating the world as a tool to gain profit; in other words, dehumanizing workers. Unemployment, dehumanization, and poor working conditions lead to detrimental health effects that are further exacerbated by the face that these individuals who face the dire consequences are not financially stable or competent to receive medical treatment or medicine. In addition, it can also be deduced that due to the unequal distribution of wealth and the health impacts that arise from the various aspects that stem from economic globalization, it results in the inequality in health and living. Thus, globalization seems to neglect the poor nations and populations as they continue to plummet down the social ladder. Though globalization has opened up opportunities for developing countries and has improved our lifes through advancements made, it is a process in which bears both negative and positive consequences, like any process or situation. However, it is important to acknowledge the injustice and inequality that some of the world’s population still faces. As such, corporations, being global citizens in an interconnected world, realize their responsibilities and collectively create a national agenda to implement policies in which would accommodate and provide nations and populations the necessary resources and accommodations to integrate themselves successfully into the globalization process
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