Globalization And Globalisation

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Choose an example from block 1 of how individuals are influenced. Which has a bigger influence on individuals: globalisation or your chosen example from block 1 ?

Globalisation and immigration a socio-political imbalance.

In this essay we are going to look at globalisation and immigration with the aim to see which has the biggest impact on individuals. We shall examine what globalisation is and what effects it has on trade, government and people. We will also look at immigration, the push and pull factors and what immigration means to individuals depending on which part of the world they are leaving behind. We will look at an illegal immigrants perspective in contrast to someone who is already a citizen.

'Globalisation refers to the apparently increasing exchange of goods, raw material, information, people and money between parts of the world that have been geographically and culturally separated until now'. (The Open University, 2013, Block 4 , p13). Advancements in transportation and communication technology have created a a global market for consumers anywhere in the world. Whether it be through an internet connection at home or a superstore in the high street selling produce from groceries, clothing and electrical, people can now purchase goods from any country in the world who participate in the free market.

Immigration is the intent of an individual and/or their family to leave their country of origin to set up home in a different nation because their

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