Globalization And Globalization

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Southeast Asians Labor affected by Globalization South Asia is on the ropes and close to falling off in terms of it being a developing country. Their technology standards are nowhere near where it should be. Globalization is a worldwide process in where business and companies make money. How does globalization impacts the laborers of the South Asia? Globalization impacts the laborers of the south Asian people by fostering an environment that makes people give up their food and kids in order to make income. How are non workers making their money? Citizens of Southeast Asia that are not involved in a working establishment have to make a huge decision. They are forced to choose from eating or not having money. It is either they grow their crops to have for supper or they sell it to the markets for income to buy needed supplies for the family or the house. According to my first source, Southeast Asia’s Labor Migration (Time, 3/16/2009), the migrants are being forced to return home involuntarily. More specifically, “ As the downturn intensifies, job losses and government decisions are forcing many migrants to return home involuntarily, face deportation or remain illegally. The majority of those affected are the low-wage end of the job market.” As things get worse the low-wage end of the market suffers the most. People that work in those jobs end up losing their jobs and end up in poverty. This shows that jobs are being lost due to the current uprising of major companies. .

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