Globalization And Globalization

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Is the increasing globalization of business good or bad for the United States? If you are from a different country, what effect do you think globalization is having or will have on your country? Is globalization resulting in unequal gains for different countries?
There are good and bad things about globalization for every country. I am from Germany and I have lived in the US for many years, so I am confident enough to speak about both countries. Globalization had a great effect on both countries. Germany is an export country that relies on high global demand for its products. Consequently, globalization and the EU have made it much simpler for Germany to reach customers in other countries. German carmakers rely heavily on the US and China. They studied the Chinese culture, even making special extended car models for China, because Chinese customers prefer lots of space in the back seat. Next, the US has also benefited greatly. The US has many Global brands that can be found in even the most unlikely of places. Fast food restaurants are an excellent example of how US companies have expanded in other countries. The great thing about these restaurants is that many customize their menus based on the country, region, or city they are in. Furthermore, both countries have many globally focused organizations and region-country focused organizations. Germany and the US have both benefited greatly from globalization. Through globalization, both of the countries companies have not only managed to increase their sale, but they have also taken advantage of the cheap labor in some countries to get their products manufactured.
Furthermore, some countries may have unequal gains, but that is part of business. Global companies may have a larger market because of globalization, but they will also have more competition. Not every country or company does everything well. What many German and US companies are doing to be more competitive is customizing their products to appeal to customers from different cultures.

What are the pros and cons of the various market entry strategies discussed in the chapter?

With every market-entry strategy there are always going pros and cons. First, with exporting, varies companies, from small to

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