Globalization And Globalization

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The economic dependence between nations worldwide occurs due to Globalization. Throughout the centuries, nations would not be as powerful as they are in the present day without the help of globalization. Communication started the first form of globalization. People of different cultures shared ideas with each other, which influenced many more. Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés explained in Approaching Tenoctitlán, “I further made the chief understand that all the people [should] protect their lives as well as their property, and…they were adore to adore but one God”. The Spaniards were shocked to find the Indians to be uncivilized, so they had spread their own ideas of setting laws and religion. The Spaniards also offered help to protect…show more content…
After hearing about the revolution in Canada and South Africa, the Indians considered going against the English government. They desired their own voice, military, and power in the world. By using the Canadians and South Africans as aspirations, the Indians wished to become unaffected by Western civilizations and be free. They wished to learn how to rule themselves (Pollard et al, p. 714-715). Globalization does not only have to be the trade of physical goods, but ideas as well. The Case for Contamination by Kwame Anthony Appiah explained to Ghanaians about modern day issues and how to attack them one by one. He explained the importance of sustainability and how it benefits all people. Educating the Ghanaians on ideas, such as science and disease, will allow for development in their country. Using the advice may allow Ghana to build a stronger government and economy (Kwane Anthony Appiah, The Case for Contamination, p. 1). Spreading the ideas of religion, government, and revolution is also considered globalization. Many countries would not be out of the hands of an undesired government or ruler without the influence of others. The Indian’s willpower and hope was built upon revolutions in Canada and South Africa. They had wanted to also fight for their independence and freedom. Globalization builds morality and values in individuals of all cultures. Jomo Kenyatta explains in Facing Mount Kenya “it is the culture… that gives a man his human dignity as well

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