Globalization And Globalization

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Beauty standards always have and always will vary depending on where you live, your gender, your age and what ethnicity you are. It’s hard not to notice the stereotypes, “Latin American appreciation for petite women with curves; an Asian appreciation of oval faces, black hair, and average heights; and, Indian and African appreciation for women who have a healthy weight” (Dugal, 2008). However with the cosmetics industry storming the scene, variables are shifting creating room to allow women and men to express themselves through the art of makeup, allowing them to create and showcase what they believe to be is beautiful. Without the use of social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and above all else; Youtube, the globalization of cosmetics may not be as prominent as it is seen in today’s society.
Globalization can indisputably be referred to as the process by which organizations or businesses develop international influence; allowing their messages or products to be in arm's reach of many consumers around the world. Globalization provides infinite opportunities to corporations and entrepreneurs to move from having one or two even fifty national locations to becoming part of an international phenomenon. This process has already substantially impacted many individuals around the world, from trade and employment opportunities to presenting consumers with the options to purchase things from different areas of the world that might have previously been strenuous

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