Globalization And International Business : Globalization

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Monica Mall 3/11/15
Globalization/ International Business
In the text International Business, globalization is defined as the “acceleration and extension of the interdependence of economic and business activities across national boundaries (p 3)”. Many multinational corporations manufacture products in different nations and selling internationally to different nations. With the constant flow of goods and service help the integration of economies and societies. Since the recent boom of technology has boosted the pace of the integrations of the global markets and became a powerful component of globalization. Many key components that are can be successful or downfall of international globalization; such as
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India has built the foundations of MNE in many host countries and after the policy setbacks of 1971 and 1991 that nearly threaten to close the MNE down. India began to explore the “dynamic trajectories” perspective. These setbacks changed India’s local responsiveness stragerty in making investments:
• Input Side o Manufacturing Plants, Plantations, Trademarks, Patents and Talent
• Output Side o Functional Focus, Product Mix, Pricing and Distribution
• Host Country Government Relationships
With Investment as an input will bring the grown in employment and can off set Indian polices of epochs. Figure 1.2 explains the “dynamic trajectories” framework that illustrates the evolution of the policy situation in the host country that starts with a “negative epoch” and then followed by a “positive epoch” with the respects to the policy in the direction of MNEs (Choudhury & Khanna).
In the text International Business, Culture is “the art and other manifestations of human intellectual achievements regarded collectively; the customs, civilization, and achievement of particular time or people: the way of life a particular society or group (p 189)”. India still follows the structure of a caste system in their nation. A caste system is the segregation of people with
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