Globalization And International Trade And Investments Aided By Information Technology

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Although connections might not seem apparent, nations around the world have become closer to one another now more than ever before. Countries are creating stronger internal ties; goods and services are being promoted and exchanged between nations, which creates relationships. Globalization is a process of intercommunication and integration within people, companies, and different nation’s governments. Globalization is processed by international trade and investments aided by information technology. This process has many effects on a nation. It affects the environment, culture, political systems, economics, and development. In addition to human’s physical wellbeing in societies around the world. Citizens and companies do not desire to do business with other nations just because, but instead it is an occurrence because there is a better benefit for that citizen or company. Globalization will progress until the government applies rules and regulations to control it, or stop it. Globalization and developing countries have a parallel correlation. As a country develops globalization occurs. Globalization can bring on both great opportunities and disadvantages. Globalization can create aggressive competition.
A city that has been developing very rapidly is, Dubai. Dubai is a city-state in the United Arab Emirates. The emirate, lands under control by a Muslim military commander or local chief, of Dubai is located southeast of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is a part of the seven emirates
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