Globalization And Internet Revolution Has Changed The World

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Globalization and internet revolution has changed the world drastically. The revolution gave birth to social media in the electronic world. The interconnectivity of societies’ members around the world through website such as facebook, twitter, or google circles, etc. using internet source is termed as social Medias’ networks. The media has removed the distances among the people in a certain way (Anderson, Jason, 2012). The people are brought together through cheaper means in the world. Another side of the media is dark because the same media let the people to avoid the interpersonal meetings to go with one another, and might experience the real taste of life. The media has changed the real world into an artificial world. Social media has changed the real world into an artificial world. People have become social animals. The society is made of human beings and their interaction in many forms. The interconnected chain of people to one another in all aspects of life is termed someway a social value. An emergence of globalization and information technology’s revolution posed many significant impacts on the humans’ life. The traditional society turned into digital societies, such as the keeping links, debates, discussions, speeches, gathering, online dating (examples are eHormony, Spark Networks,, Plenty of fish), orientation, training, and video conferencing through many websites such as facebook, twitter, Google circle, whatsapp, and Skype etc. These are
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