Globalization And Its Effects On Society

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Chelsey, you have a great point regarding the majority of individuals are so wrapped up in the here and now and have no idea about anything outside of their four walls. In just reading the first chapter of this textbook, even though I don’t understand everything in it I have gained more knowledge and understanding on the various cultures and human geography I would have never been exposed to otherwise. After reading the section in our textbook on globalization for example opened my eyes to I am truly affected by globalization, from the clothes I have on my body to the laptop, books and cell phone I have at my fingertips. Companies are able to make the most profit and keep prices reasonable if they globalize. Even though globalization is shown to be a positive advantage for the core countries that are industrialized commercialism versus the developing countries that rely on labor given to them. In doing so, globalization has caused an uneven development issue to arise in the poorer countries causing them to migrate to find work to make a living. While doing some more research on globalization, I came across a way globalization has benefited a third world country called Pakistan also known as a periphery country. Namal College has teamed up with the University of Bradford and now has access to high quality education through the internet and other electronic gadgets to help the less privilege people to get a better schooling. Many cultures traditions such as food is
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