Globalization And Its Impact On Country

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Globalization is the process in which people, companies and governments from different nations globalize their trade or business at international level. Globalization is not a new process, In past years people used to imports and exports of things at a long distance from their hometown to another place but nowadays globalization is very powerful and have a new face and it has been spread all over the world. Globalization is a good way to connect countries, people and do trade on a large scale and very easily. In spite of this, globalization is not only related to trade or something like business it is also making a great impact on country 's overall development either that country is developing or developed. A country 's economy, society and technology nowadays are affected by the globalization. Globalization is such a good way to make a country stronger on the base of economy because with the help of it a country 's economy would be strong and it also make a impact on the social point of view such as on cultural and traditional values of country. It also benefits a country to be get more technological development.

Nowadays, the economy of any country is totally related to the globalization because imports and exports are related to globalization so it is directly in contact with the economy of a nation. Economy of any country should be in positive term either that country is developed or developing. Globalization helps a developing country to become a developed nation
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