Globalization And Its Impact On Environment

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Globalisation is the process where world communicates through technology, politics and trade. It is a method of communication and combination among the individuals, businesses, and managements of different countries. Globalisation means a mostly economic event, mixture of national economic organisations and the fast increase in cross-border economic, cultural and technological exchange (The Australian APEC study centre, 2002). Globalisation has affected various nations in a different way such as Economically, Socially and politically. Globalization helps to increases an International Trade, mainly creation of new trade treaty between the developing and developed countries. Globalization binds nations together (Tverberg, G., 2013). The most important thing of globalization is impact on environment is that, there is an improvement on use of resources and awareness. There is a worldwide market for the companies and customers which creates good way to get product easily from different countries. This creates steady cash flow into developing countries thus globalization has more benefited to developing countries than developed countries (Jessicahbrt/March 2007). Many people believe that globalization has benefited developed country more than developing countries. However, I strongly disagree that globalization has benefited developed countries more than developing countries. As developing countries has many benefits and developed countries faces some problems due to
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