Globalization And Its Impact On Globalization

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Since the term globalization became a prominent feature of global interactions during the 1980s, different changes have taken place within the global political, economic, and social spheres which has in turn resulted in a judiciously interdependent world compared to previous eras (Christopherson, Garretsen, & Martin, 2008). Globalization is mainly influenced by two overriding factors- liberation of global markets/economies coupled with the increasing development of new technologies. The latter nonetheless (technology) plays the function of a principle driving dynamism as well as an enabler of the process particularly in regards to global interconnectedness. Towards this end, Technology allowed globalization to produce fresh opportunities frontiers relating to diverse nations as well as organizations on one side while portending different challenges presented by entry barriers as noted by Bauernfeind, (20). Towards this end, technological advancement is universally advanced as the primary driver of globalization. While technology is indeed a critical aspect contributing to globalization as crucial determinant of global interactions, it is obviously not the only one but its role is most critical. This essay will therefore critically examine the role of technology in driving globalization with a view to understanding the present conceptualization as well as application of the phenomenon in global affairs. Literature Review: Technology as the Primary Force behind Globalization
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