Globalization And Its Impact On Globalization

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INTRODUCTION Globalization refers to an integration of national and regional economies, societies and cultures through the global network of trade, communication, immigration and transportation. The concept of globalization has been in operation for centuries and remains extremely fast-growing. The World Health Organization defined globalization to depict an increased interconnectedness and interdependence of peoples and countries. The contents of this essay will attempt to ascertain the novelty of the principle of globalization by examining the various issues surrounding the paradox of globalization whilst critically analyzing whether economic globalization has been of any advantageous standpoint in its attempt to alleviate global…show more content…
In the political sector, globalization has comparatively ensured the reallocation of power from the states to the interstate bodies as well as the expansion of the global civil society. The establishment of various international organizations such as the UN, EU, WHO, and so on, reinforces the globalization as it transfers important decision-making powers from once fully sovereign states to international bodies. Likewise, from a science and technologically standpoint, globalization has been seen to have had a great impact in improving international transportation of people, goods and services. Globalization has led to reduced tariffs and taxes which in effect acts as an incentive for increased interstate importation and exportation. Furthermore, although not excessively evident, globalization has had an impact in ameliorating the global socio-cultural relationship by way of facilitating international communication, making it easier for people to communicate without being limited by distance, thus facilitating socio-cultural relationship between people. Historic Proponents of globalization such as Marshall McLuhan in ‘Understanding Media’ (1964) was the first to devise an unambiguous explanation of what is now globalization,
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