Globalization And Its Impact On Society

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Globalization is a phenomenon involving the integration of ideas circulating worldwide, connecting people from everywhere (Friedman). Globalization affects everything, but most importantly it impacts our own cultures. Culture is the way that groups of people act, believe, and live. This is crucial to life because without culture, we wouldn’t be unique. Cultures are linked together through globalization because globalization can spread cultures worldwide, altering them in the process. Globalization is something that has existed on throughout history, still in our everyday lives. To give some background, America embodies ideas of opportunity, freedom, and a land of promise. America promotes these values and ideas because it creates a strong and unified country. It even influences other territories to follow the successfulness of the U.S. acquiring freedom from Great Britain. Likewise, America is one of the world’s leading superpowers so people either aspire to be like Americans or fear and fight them. This leads into the significance of perspectives because some outside areas may envision America as glorious or as a force they must oppose and rebel against. These areas make judgements on America based on their values/beliefs or in other words their culture. Due to this, some areas may be bias towards America, creating contention because America sees themselves as helpful when other countries/areas strongly agree with them or strongly disagree. This is also part of the reason…
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