Globalization And Its Impact On The Western Culture

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Today, we live in a world where Japanese anime and can be watched in New York, celebrities can achieve global pop status on the opposite sides of the globe, and the newest release of a music video can be seen instantly with the help of video sharing websites. With the help of today’s technology, globalization allows us to communicate almost anywhere in the world. Globalization is an ongoing process where different societies, cultures, and regional communities integrate through a worldwide network. Globalization allowed for a speeding up of the flows of goods, people, images, and ideas across the world. The media has impacted the way that the Western culture has predominantly shaped the world. Globalization has affected a wide range of people; whatever their age, class, ethnicity, gender, or where they live is not an issue. Globalization entails the circulation of the West’s way of being: ranging from architecture, the way we dress, music, eating habits, and languages. Due to globalization, cultural boundaries are now being broken down are now being embraced around the globe, which eliminates the cultural difference and results in a more homogenous world. First of all, it is important to understand how the world has evolved through globalization. According to Friedman, he argues that the world is becoming “flat”. Friedman introduces the concept that we are currently living in the era which he calls Globalization 3.0. Globalization 1.0 developed since Columbus set foot into

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