Globalization And Mass Migration Is A Diverse And Dynamic Place

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Globalisation and mass migration means that Australia is a diverse and dynamic place. In Australia, many refugee background students experience difficulties adjusting to their new environment and school settings. The increasing diversity in Australian schools present various challenges for not only refugee students and their learning experiences, but for teachers as well. Therefore, the consideration and evaluation of educational research is crucial, so that educational practices and pedagogies are informed by research for the benefit of students’ learning and development. With the increase of refugee background students there has been a need for the implementation and evaluation of strategies and policies in order to establish appropriate ways to engage with the complex issues around refugee background students’ transition to education. This can be seen through the creation of the Refugee Action Support Program (RAS) that was designed to provide tutoring to students from refugee backgrounds in Western Sydney schools. In regards to educational policy, the Multicultural Educational Policy aims to ‘respond to the cultural diversity of New South Wales by committing schools to providing opportunities that enable all students to achieve equitable education and social outcomes’ (“Multicultural Education Policy, 2016). Such programs and policies reinforce that Australia recognises the increasing cultural diversity and needs of refugee background students in Australian schools. In
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