Globalization And Negative Benefits Of The Automobile Industry Essay

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I. Introduction
Globalization -Positive and Negative Benefits
In today’s fast paced world, many would say that globalization is electrifying, bringing with it worldwide advancement and opportunities as well as economical business growth across nations. Many would also suggest that it has opened doors to the larger demographics of information and communication that crosses geographic, social and cultural boundaries. As a result of globalization, the worldwide market has expanded; bring together companies, workers, experience, knowledge and consumers, making their products easily attainable in different countries and regions. Take for instance the automobile industry, many American cars are built in other countries such as Japan but assembled here in America. Some would consider this as a partnership between both countries. The automobile company is providing employment and advancement to both countries by sharing the designing, management and production process and execution of automobiles which would be sold mainly in the United States. Another great result of globalization is the ability to unify medical and political resources during trying times such as war and to combat the spread of infectious diseases. In many incidents throughout history all participant nations medical and military armed forces have unified with other nations to protect each other 's country, investments and relationships which, if infiltrated could weaken or collapse the world’s economy.
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