Globalization And The Economics Of Child Labor Essay

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In an essay, “Globalization and the Economics of Child Labor”, by Eric V. Edmonds, a professor of economics researching to improve child labor policy, says, “In November of 2000, ten children earning around $11 per month burned to death in a garment factory in Bangladesh. The exits from the factory were chained shut” (Edmonds, 3). If the doors had been unlocked instead of chained shut, the children would have been save from this horrible fatality. More importantly, without child labor, this situation could have been completely avoided. When companies decide to run a number of their factories in developing countries, it gives impoverished families an opportunity to earn extra funds, which, for the most part, is still not adequate to meet…show more content…
Without the money for treatment, death could be the results of this incident. Through globalization, companies can acquire cheap labor in developing countries. By doing so, companies save enormous amounts of money and even more so, they save even more without laws that regulate safe working environment. When these children are giving their energy and time working, they are setting aside education. Working children are not getting any education that is beneficial and important. Education is fundamental to success. Through education, many life skills are learned to help each become a better individual, by learning to their own opinions and becoming knowledgeable about the world around them. In addition, education is a way to put forward a change in varying economic topics. Globalization has really affected education in developing countries that it became a lose-lose situation. In the article “Globalization and the Economics of Child labor” by Eric Edmonds, states that, “If governments could somehow prevent children from working, we might see less schooling rather than more, because the loss of income from working children would make schooling even more unaffordable” (Edmonds, 9). Due to both of the options having a negative side, it causes a conundrum and leaves the family of the laboring child with very limited options: Sending the child to work to assist in bringing in some income or send their child to school bringing the family to a brink of or total bankruptcy and
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