Globalization And The Environment : Good And Bad Results

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Globalization and the Environment-both Good and Bad Results This purpose of this paper is to provide a guideline for discussion of the benefits and problems associated with globalization. The following points will show that the idea of globalization is both positive and negative, while providing five examples of specific net gain and net problems. The following paper will briefly discuss each issue, provide a short summary to provide context, give a mechanism that could assist with managing the issue, as well as identifying how each can help with the implementation of managing the resource.
I. The Net Gains of Globalization
1) Issue: Globalization has a positive effect on the environment through the active regu-lation of the entire timber trade process.
a) Summary: When companies are regulated in the amount of timber that is ex-ported, this can help to limit the amount of deforestation.
b) Mechanism: One agency best able to assist in the management of this policy would be CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flo-ra and Fauna).
c) Implementation: This agency is has been able to help in protection of timber re-sources by including legal documentation; this allows regulation of timber all levels of the trade. With increasing acceptance of the need to place the international timber trade in a legal framework, CITES is an important component of regulating the legal supply of timber. (Oldfield, S. F., 2013). The articles specifically
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