Globalization And The Global Migration

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Global migration can be defined as the movement of large groups of people from one area to another. There are two kinds of migration. There is internal migration and there is external migration. External migration is the movement of groups of people between different countries. The movement doesn’t occur within the country. Internal migration is the movement of groups of people from one part of an area to another. The movement occurs within the country. Globalization is the global economic integration of the global market. In recent time, there were many migrations because of the process of globalization. In order for us to understand the causes and the effects of these migrations, we need to understand the relationship between globalization and global migration. Globalization is the primary reason why global migration occurs. Globalization is the (process of integration and development in the global market.) Globalization is a major influence towards global migration. The general reasons why a global migration occurs are: poverty, social strife, political turmoil, and economic hardship. Poverty promotes migration because of how people are unable to find economic opportunities that will allow individuals to survive in the conditions of the country. The migration usually occurs when the poverty rate is growing rapidly (due to the decline of the economy). Social strife leads to migration due to the violent and conflict. Globalization led to the creation of NAFTA. NAFTA is the
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