Globalization And The Global World

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Globalization is something that we see happening all around us. When we walk down the street it is impossible not to have an advertisement for major corporations like Nike, McDonalds, or Coca Cola flashing in front of your face. Everywhere our head turns, commercialism is there. It is unavoidable. The world around us is constantly developing, and that development begins with us. As the world keeps evolving, globalization is considered inevitable. As humans, we naturally strive for success, seeking to better ourselves on an individual level and our environment on a global scale. In order to do so, there is a need to familiarize and connect to one another so humanity can flourish together. This essay will begin to assess the term…show more content…
Professor Samuel Ogunwa expresses that its rapid expansion has been described as a ‘Paradigm shift from autarchy to trade liberalization.’ (Ogunwa, S.A, Insight on Africa, 2012) Therefor moving from an independent and self-reliant world between countries to breaking down barriers with the desire to unite and function as an integrated society. Through integration of the global market, it encourages a free flowing transfer of services and goods. When international borders are opened up to one another, it allows the world to rapidly evolve with the spread of multinational businesses globally. This therefore advances the growth of efficient communication, exchange of knowledge, and technological innovation. (Mike Collins, 2015) “With an emphasis on commercialization, deregulation and trade liberalization, privatization – this is now something that most countries use to run their economies.” - Samual Adetola Ogunwa Our economy is the driving force behind globalization, and it is inaugurated for the world’s economic success. But there is much more to globalization than just the economic point of view. Mike Collins states that highlighting the political, financial, cultural, and biological aspects can help us further understand the impacts it has for people across the globe, and grasp it on a broader scale. (Mike Collins, 2015) Financial globalization is the idea that we are heading towards a single currency world. Different
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