Globalization And The Globalization Project

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In this paper you will understand the shift of the development to the globalization project. In doing so you will learn what “globalization” means as a project and as a process and why it is described as being in crisis. Next you will learn about the financial and farming dimensions of the problems confronting the globalization project. With that you will thirdly learn about how global warming presents multiple challenges to globalization. I will also discuss the emergent “sustainability project”, with particular attention to agricultural, “green technology” and environmental movements. Lastly I will analyze how terrorism and the emergence of Trumpismo complicates all of this. To start globalization as a project means spreading to…show more content…
The debt crisis transformed the development project into a globalization project. In 1997 Asian financial crisis, exposed Indonesian military regime in social rebellion against cronyism and neoliberal austerity, called IMF policies into question. During this crisis the IMF had worsened the finical crisis because of speculator fear. (Mc Michael 282). In 1997 Asian financial crisis had the government control half of their industrial assets, and invest in infrastructure. With this the government was not capable of meeting a number of demands from private economic sector. The free market economy was opposed to state move to increase the profit of the free market economy and the government took this step because it was being pressurized by people. The market –induced crisis in Argentina reveled the legitimacy crisis of the globalization project at the same time it exposed ambiguities of sovereignty (Mc Micheal118). With this the market-induced financial crisis, matched a disturbing democracy and by a regime that surrounded the sovereignty in its financial policy, and citizens responded with forms of direct democracy with violence. The crisis of globalization is as a manifested in both its material and failures and resistances. (McMichael 119). Next is the financial and farming dimensions of the problems confronting the globalization project? In 1955 the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) advocated universal reductions in trade protections, farm
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