Globalization And The Impact Of Globalization In The Metrocabless

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Globalization in Medellin has been distributed unevenly throughout the years. Medellin has benefitted from the effects of globalization in the security and energy efficiency sector, especially with the emergence of the Metrocables (Brand, 2013). However, globalization has yet to have a significant impact on the political and economic development of the city, and even throughout Colombia itself. Despite the lack of impact caused by globalization in these areas, they have still improved in comparison to their prior status in the 1990’s (Moncada, 2016). Medellin can use globalization as a tool to decrease unemployment rates and increase the value of their economy, which they have begun to do in moderation. Those who were previously excluded from the effects of globalization in Medellin are slowly being integrated into the globalizing of the city with the development of the Metrocables, with the intention of establishing the government's concern for those living in disadvantaged areas, since the Metrocables are built in the poorest sectors of Medellin (Brand, 2013). The areas that these Metrocables are situated in have seen commercial changes, resulting in the number of businesses multiplying and thus creating new job opportunities for those who are unemployed and growing the economic sector of globalization in Medellin (Agudelo, et al. 2013). Although Medellin - as well as Colombia as a state - may face big challenges in the development of the city’s internationalization

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