Globalization And The International Political Economy

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Globalization & the International Political Economy
Globalization is a major factor in our international political economy. Globalization comes in many forms, some of which will be explained herein in more detail. According to Kegley and Blanton (2014), due to globalization, the number of "questions about how changes in one country 's economics and politics influence trends in the word politics and the global economy" (p. 328), has resulted in an area of scholarly study being coined, to wit: international political economy ("IPE"). Also according to Kegley and Blanton (2014), "IPE remains relevant because it focuses on the vortex of politics and economics that has become so controversial in today 's age of globalization of finance and trade." It is important to note that there are many advantages, as well as some concerns, regarding the globalization of many different areas.
To understand the importance of globalization, and what role it plays in the global economy, one must first comprehend what it is. In lectures provided throughout this course, globalization has been described as the broadening and deepening of connections between states, non-state actors, and individuals. On the one hand, to broaden means to reach out towards different people, countries, cultures, etc. On the other hand, to deepen means to reach the root of various issues and determine how those issues connect to different people in different countries. Two of many examples of…
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