Globalization And The Middle East

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Introduction There are many significant change in the world economy occurred, marked by globalization each country has different speed of development under different political and cultural background. During this period, Such as the United States of America 's economic status from the rapid development to the decline, then move to the current stable trend. Brazil, Russia, India, China, which named ‘BRCIS’ those developing countries’ economic performances are very catch the attention in recent years. The decline and rise of these countries ' commercial economy are closely related to their political culture. Therefore, it attracted the attention of scholars and research circles. Through reading the case: “Globalization and the Middle East” in John S. Hill’s book, International Business: Managing globalization, PP.124 to 132. Have had a further understanding of the political and religious culture of the Middle East countries, and have had a research for the following questions also written down my own opinions. Q1: What are the major contrasts between the political and cultural institutions of the Middle East and those of the Western world? Which do you think is the most important? Why? Culture is not only a reflection of current social phenomena, but also is a long period of accumulation and the formation of the creation and development of the historical heritage, such as religions, beliefs, lifestyles, values, and so on. Therefore, different cultural backgrounds will
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