Globalization And The Unification Of The World Essay

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With the age of technological advances, the world has become both broadened and more confined all at once. People can hold a press conference in New York with Japan, buy products from just about anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home, or call a friend in Italy from Ohio with no more difficulty than calling their neighbor next door. With all these benefits, there also come many challenges, most of which were not realized until the problem was too developed. Globalization and the unification of the world has been paid for by an ambiguity of culture, citizenship, and immigration due to the implementation of the concept of global citizen. Before showing just how this has been exacted, it is important to understand just what globalization means. According to the Levin Institute of SUNY, globalization “is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations” (“What is”). This is how the world has become today with the boom of technology and the sophistication of communication. Indeed different nations and the people within are intermixing, and with this a new term has begun to circulate: global citizen.
This byproduct of globalization is the root of the problem. While there is no set definition of global citizen currently, it has been described as “citizenship beyond borders” or “citizenship beyond the nation-state” (“Global”). This sounds like the natural progression in the wake of globalization with all

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