Globalization And Western Based Ideology : Development At The Expense Of The Underdeveloped

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Globalization and Western Based Ideology: Development at the Expense of the Underdeveloped.

Globalization and the associated industrialization of developing nations is merely an extension of old colonial structures. According to McMichael, “Forms of colonial subordination differed across time and space, but the overriding object was either to adapt or marginalize colonial subjects to the European presence” (McMichael). Forms of colonial subordination ranged from warfare to strategies of divide and conquer and vague or unclear terms for treaties. Nevertheless, perhaps the greatest factor leading to colonial subordination was European technological advantage. Because of their technological advantage European’s were also able to control vehicles of knowledge. Forms of thinking similar to Albert Sarraut of moral superiority and entitlement “… to protect and lead the races lagging behind us,” still linger in our society (McMichael). The discursive legacy of colonialism that constructs native (non-European) culture as inferior and backwards has enabled the exploitation of native land and labor and perpetuated dependency and uneven production in the Third World.
Through various means, wealthier nations actively perpetuate a state of dependence. The World division of labor, framework by Immanuel Wallerstein laying down a skill/technological hierarchy that was intended to reduce labor through specialization, served as a pillar. As a result, First World countries concentrate on
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