Globalization Benefits

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The Benefits of Globalization Outweigh the Drawbacks Since the 20th century, people have become globalization in their social life. The actions of people and the view of the city are almost the same with other countries. Globalization is not the fashionable word in the world, it is an important word of human economics. There have some economic professions said it could be dangerous of the transaction in different countries, such as global economic crisis. However, globalization has some positive points that it makes people’s lives become better. Even though it has some negative effects on the human such as air pollution, but it also has many positive effects. Nowadays, not only the government, but also people are enjoying globalization in economics, immigration, and knowledge. Some research said that the global economy is a way that can easy to affect to other countries when a country has an economic problem. However, the global economic crisis usually is based on an influential country that has the economic problem and affects the countries who besides this country in a short time. Finally, these countries affect the whole world of the economy, this is the globalization of economic crisis. In another hand, the benefits of globalization in economics is more than the negative of globalization. Globalization can make people have a life that is high quality. Because of the globalization, some of the counties lower the level of other countries’ business to come into native
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