Globalization Effects on Jamaica and Thailand Essay

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Globalization Effects on Jamaica and Thailand

Introduction Globalization through dam building (for electricity) and tourism (for economic security), has imposed positive and negative effects on many countries and cultures. This paper focuses on tourisms impact on Jamaica and the consequences dams have had in Thailand. For both countries globalization has had both advantages and disadvantages.
Tourisms Effect on Jamaica Globalization through tourism has had a significant effect on Jamaica. Originally, tourism was intended to profit the country by tourist spending. It was believed the economy would grow from an increase in job availability. Also, the conjecture of most Jamaicans was the hotels generated tourist spending
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Although there were advantages for the Thailand people, for many Thai it has had more negative than positive effects. “Major Challenges in balancing the benefits of clean electricity, water storage and flood control from the dams against negative impacts. These include population displacement, obstruction to fish movements up and down the river, and changes in water and sediment flow”. (Richardson, Michael 2009). The disadvantages began to out way the advantages. Building of Pac Moon Dam and other Dams have affected Thailand in several other adverse methods. It severely decreased fish up to 60%. “According to the Foundation for Ecological Recovery, the rivers fishing industry alone is worth up to 3 billion annually, and the existing dams are already decreasing that profit.” (Blake, Haley 2009). Whole species became extinct. The river had 50 different rapids that flowed with river dependent fish. Riverbank vegetation, Bamboo, and mushrooms began to disappear. Liver fluke, Blood fluke, and Schistosomiasis increased due to stagnant water. Villagers were dependent on income generated from fish, bamboo and mushrooms. Food and income deteriorated. Many Villagers moved away. Their lives and livelihood depended on the river. The people of Pac Moon Dam had already experienced the ill ecosystem change from past dams built as expressed in
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