Globalization: Germany and the European Union Essay

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Along with every other nation around the globe, Germany has its own unique past. From the days previous to Bismarck to present time, the Germans have undergone significant trials and tribulations. Unfortunately for Germany the world will forever equate German history with Hitler and the Third Reich. As educated people, we need to be able to get past this stigma and appreciate the Germans for who they truly are. After the ending of the Second World War, Germany was divided in two: a free western Germany, and the communist East Germany. West Germany flourished while East Germany struggled to breathe under the heavy shadow of the Soviet Union. In 1990, after the Berlin Wall fell, Germany finally became one again with the union of East…show more content…
Globalization is simply the spread of American culture. American culture is a capitalist democracy. American culture is a diffusion of ideas, yet at the same time individualistic. American culture is everything from politics to music and Hollywood movies. Americanization is the breaking down of borders. With the implementation of the Marshall plan after World War II, West Germany quickly regained its strength that had been lost to the war. The Marshall plan provided for American dollars to be invested within the country in order for West Germany to be rebuilt. A strong West Germany was not only beneficial to West Germans, but to the United States. West German social reform and economic reform followed, and as the country’s strength grew, so did its gratitude to the United States. With the United States pretty much responsible for rebuilding West Germany it is easy to understand how an Americanization could have taken place. Democracy was implemented in West Germany, followed by capitalist ideas, followed by an influx of American way of life. This Americanization was spread throughout the country, and was the front of the Cold War. Finally, after years of a wall splitting a city in two, and symbolizing a separation in ideology, the wall came down and so did the Cold War.

East Germany was left in economic shambles after the Berlin Wall fell. In 1989,

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