Globalization : Globalization And Globalization Essay

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[GLOBALISATION SUMMARY] October 31, 2016 Toan Nguyen-16438943Page 1 Globalisation Summary Globalisation nowadays is one of the most concern topics which seem useful to understand by people who live in modern society, especially who work in business and economy industry. Globalisation could be learned or understanding in term of history, size, current status, trends and impact of it and whether it is a good or bad thing. First of all, globalisation can be understand as the process by which business, organisation, culture or societies develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. According to (, globalisation in the past often focused on the economic side. However, it has been expanded recently. Activities such as culture, media, and technology now are becoming parts of globalisation. All the biggest companies are likely to become multinational companies result from opportunities created by globalisation process to invest in new potential markets. Furthermore, globalisation has a long history. It has been taking place for hundreds of years but until the 20Th, it grew rapidly. Globalisation could be described as a historical process began when the first movement of African out of their homeland into other parts of the world. Travelling short, then longer distances, migrants, merchants, and others have always taken their ideas, customs, and products into new lands said by (Whitney, T., 2009). Moving to the current state of

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