Globalization Has A Negative Impact on Global Health

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Globalization is the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets (, 2012). Globalisation has had both, positive and negative effects on health. This essay will examine how globalisation has helped alcohol and tobacco trade around the world and in doing so affected health, how globalization has enabled the global community to combat these issues and an estimation of alcohol and tobacco consumption in different countries. This essay will also contain statistics from the World Health Organization based on alcohol and tobacco to illustrate the impact of globalisation. Alcohol: The question as to when…show more content…
Experts believe that during 6000 BCE the tobacco plant began growing in the Americas. In 1492, the well-known explorer - Christopher Columbus mentions tobacco in his journal when he received tobacco leaves as a gift from people that lived on the island of San Salvador. An important event in relation to tobacco trade was during 1492 when the explorers Rodrigo de Jerez and Luis de Torres, who were searching for China, came across natives who were smoking tobacco. Jerez is thought to be the first smoker outside of the Americas. He introduced tobacco to his hometown but the people that lived in his town were frightened by this activity and he was imprisoned for 7 years. When he was released smoking had become a Spanish craze (Borio, 1997). “All along the sea routes . . . wherever they had trading posts, the Portuguese began the limited planting of tobacco. Before the end of the sixteenth century they had developed these small farms to a point where they could be assured of enough tobacco to meet their personal needs, for gifts and for barter” (Brooks, 1952). According to the book “The Mighty Leaf; Tobacco through the Centuries” written by Jerome Edmund Brooks, tobacco trade had grown enormously over the centuries. Tobacco trade was occurring in the Americas and Europe and
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