Globalization Has Brought A Huge Change Essay

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Globalization has brought a huge change to the way the world operates and functions. The variables that affect the way the world is connected not only stay as a matter of one country, but also stretch beyond several countries. Accordingly, the management and control of them has started to take a new form. The new concept of “global governance” has spread as global issues appear beyond nation-states. In this global governance, however, the question of “who governs”- who will be the principal actor that governs the new global system- can be very controversial. Especially, when international institutions and other organizations are thought to become more important leading actors in global governance than the nation-states used to be, the controversy can be intensified. Some people argue that global issues are no longer in the hands of the nation-states and therefore they cannot be effectively managed by them. In reality, however, most international institutions consist of the nation-states and are also influenced by the actions and decisions of them. Moreover, other non-state actors cannot escape from the impact of the nation-states. That is, global governance is fundamentally in accord with the Westphalian system that is centered on the nation-states and they are mutually complementary.

Many scholars argue that the authority and sovereignty of nation-states is transferring to a global level in terms of the management and the resolution of global issues. Although it is true
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