Globalization Has Brought An Era Of Rapid Industrialisation And Modernisation

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Introduction: Globalisation is a leading concept which has become a major contributor for businesses to become international. Going cross-border has opened up so many opportunities for many emerging economies which in turn has increased the economic growth of those countries by manifolds. Globalisation has brought an era of rapid industrialisation and modernisation by giving organisations access to new ideas, technology, specialised skills and foreign investment. Globalisation gives a different perspective to organisations in terms of thinking and strategizing policies. In today’s world, we see organisations opting for globalisation because of the future growth which is getting highlighted as an emerging and imperative factor.…show more content…
So countries like China have also been impacted with this effect due to high ratio of population compared to jobs being created so the best resort was to do get started with export businesses like skincare, seafood, and fashion products with developed countries like U.S.A, Australia etc. Many a times, an organisation has efficient and effective skill sets which meets up the standards of international trade and hence going global gives an edge, subsidies, profits to such businesses. These days most of the organisations based in emerging economies are adopting the industrial globalisation for the sole reason of scope and growth. Like most of the MNCs prefer to outsource the IT and software business to countries like India because of multiple and lucrative offers brought to platter like low cost services and high-quality work with an edge on English language. Hence, pertaining to the above stated reasons I would thereby like to highlight the case study based on one of the leading software firms in India, Infosys Ltd. Company formerly known as Infosys technologies private limited was co-founded by seven young engineers in 1981 and one of them was Narayan Murthy who eventually became face of the organisation. They all had a combined start-up capital of $250. Today the company’s worth
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