Globalization Has Changed The Economic Condition Of A Country Or The Lives Of People

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Globalization is a communication and connection between person-to-person, local-to-local and nation-to-nation to preserve and develop trade, technology, education, and etc. There are a couple aspects of globalization to count on, but this essay will be focusing on one specific dimension of globalization. Mostly, this essay will examine economic aspect of globalization as well as it will conduct a research: how globalization has changed the economic condition of a country or the lives of people. Moreover, this article will discuss free trade and its contribution to developing globalization. Furthermore, it will touch to the history of globalization and compare history with today’s globalization and its progress. Finance plays an important role in the nation’s development, therefore it is very essential to discover how the process of globalization is contributing to economic development of a nation. Globalization is not a modern phenomenon, but it started thousand years ago. In chapter two of book “Globalization Reader”, author Amartya Sen has shown a timeline of early globalization. He discussed arguments regarding globalization. One of the controversial issues was is globalization a new western curse? Today’s people think globalization started from the west and eventually expanded throughout the eastern part of the world. However, the author of “How to Judge Globalization” Sen Amartya clarified that globalization is not necessarily western, but it was located far from the

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