Globalization Has Created A Tremendous Impact On The Lives Of Women And Men Globally

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Within the past decades, globalization has created a tremendous impact on the lives of women and men globally. Globalization denotes the process in which economic, financial, and technical transactions between different countries and communities throughout the world are becoming increasingly interconnected (Pearson). Yet in the beginning of the millennium, contemporary globalization has additionally taken more of a human form, as it has integrated and interconnected a collectivistic mass culture (Powerpoint). The phenomenon has shaped gendered relations and destinies worldwide in a positive and constructive ways, but many times in a negative and exploitative manner. Often, the experiences of globalization have favoured one gender over…show more content…
The gendered relations have consequently shaped the cultural and societal norms as result of the economic forms of globalization. As women are entering the work force, they have become more autonomous and are able to “live [how they] want” (Sengupta). What’s more, the role of women in the family is changing because they have reduced domestic expectations. Many women are deferring marriages, while they make money, obtain higher levels of education, and live lives that most of their mothers could not have dreamed of. Additionally, in a highly communicative globalized world, there are new models of attainment with seeing women in roles of leadership, whether it is politically or economically, women may feel empowered to exercise their desire for high powers of leadership and to exercise femininity in such an emancipative way. This could result in increased political representation and participation in feminist movements by woman. On the other hand, as a result of the women being more financially independent, the transformation of the family is deviating from the patriarchal norm. This is visible as the men’s role as an illusion breadwinner is being destroyed, as there is less pressure for them to be the only source of income for families. Furthermore, with both men or women being more mobile in their labour because of the international political
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