Globalization Has Destroyed the Middle Class

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“Without warning, they left us broke, sealed out, and jobless” (Edwards). These are the words from Gregg Davis, a former Oshawa workman, after he received notice his job was being relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. Gregg Davis worked for IQT Solutions, a call-center company based in Oshawa, Ontario. Along with 600 other people, Gregg Davis was left jobless after his job was outsourced to Nashville, Tennessee in a desperate attempt to save the company money. Today, thousands of American workers are also waking up to the stunning situation of unemployment as the result of their jobs being outsourced to foreign countries. This outsourcing phenomenon has been fueled by the recent trends in globalization, with the hope to cut cost and…show more content…
Unlike previous years of solely trading goods, the WTO allowed for trade to consist of property and services among different countries. Countries could now be globalized in all goods their country didn’t have through the use of free trade. The process of trading was revolutionized by new developments in technology as more and more countries began to trade. Technology has made the world a smaller place. Recent innovations in jets, satellites, and computers have made communication across the globe faster. People are now able to travel to any destination they want in less than a day, so why can’t businesses travel as well? Globalization intends to answer that question. New technology has increased worldwide trade and investment by allowing more companies to trade at a faster rate. Thomas Friedman considers globalization to be “farther, faster, cheaper, and deeper than ever before” (9). Multinational corporations that have entered globalization can now trade their business wherever labor is the cheapest. With the addition of China into the globalization world, the world supply of labor far exceeds the demand. With several billion new workers in the global supply of labor, companies may shop for labor and relocate to wherever it is the cheapest. Laborers in foreign countries are willing do the same work that a high paid employee would do for less. If American corporations are to compete in the new global economy, they will have to
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