Globalization Has Its Good And Bad Sides

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Globalization has its good and bad sides. It good side cannot be overemphasized but its bad side cannot be ignored. One of its bad sides is the adverse impact on human rights.

There are group of “human rights” in the form of economic rights, labor rights, cultural rights, civil and political rights etc. The globalization is considered to have an impact on the following rights (Sykes, 2003) as:

-The admission to the WTO of nations that violate human rights extinguishes opportunities for valuable sanctions to discourage such violations.

-Open trade causes production to relocate to areas where environmental standards are lax and results in environmental degradation. Likewise, the competitive pressures that result from open trade cause regulators to lose control over local regulatory matters and precipitate a race to the bottom over matters such as social welfare standards, environmental standards, and worker protection legislation.

-Open trade exacerbates inequality in the distribution of income.

Similarly the negative impact of globalization - especially on vulnerable sections of the community results in the violation of various rights guaranteed by various Covenants in particular on the;

-the enjoyment of fundamental aspects of the right to life,

-freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,

-freedom from servitude, the right to equality and non-discrimination,

-the right to an adequate standard of living (including the right to adequate food,
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