Globalization: Human Migration

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The Philippines: Globalization and Migration
By Anny Misa Hefti
Globalization is synonymous to the phenomenon of acceleration. For the past 25 years rapid changes have affected political, economic and social developments.
Acceleration is seen in vast technological changes, media revolution, global economic integration and massive changes in production systems and labour markets. All these rapid increases in transnational flow of capital, trade and technology have marked its effects on international migration as well. Global economic restructuring has led not only to disruption in less developed or developing economies, it has also been a factor in unemployment, wage decline or job insecurity in dominant market
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The creation of global culture brought about by the revolution in mass communications has promoted foreign influences through films, music, TV and videos. Filipinos are well known for donning signature apparel, such as Lacoste, Nike etc. These remittances have also created a dependency attitude to the recipients. The motivation for self-realization has been overshadowed by expectations at migrating. In some cases, the remittances to families have become contra-productive. Impact on receiving countries
Migrants bring to the receiving countries many customs, practices and behaviour patterns from the home country. Smaller branches of the original culture are recreated in host countries, such as "little Italy" or Chinatown, in New York and
Los Angeles. Multi-ethnicity is seen in large urban communities. However, a multicultural society may be threatening to native-born citizens of receiving countries.
This can elicit resentment among the citizenry which can trigger social conflicts.
Migration politics in many Western countries are not integrative. The effect of these policies is the marginalization of migrant workers. Marginalization takes the form of low incomes, and unskilled jobs . Factors such as unequal opportunities, prejudice and discrimination may be involved in prolonged periods of marginalization.
An example: Switzerland
Switzerland has a
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