Essay about Globalization Hurts the World's Poor

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From an average American's perspective, globalization is a win-win situation for everyone involvedt. But we fail to see the other end of this situation, where lower-class families around the world are faced with troubles. In countries such as Indonesia and India, American companies purposely set up factories and take advantage of the population by giving them wages below minimum wage to manufacture their products. Families are forced to send their children to work in these factories in order to make enough money to survive. When there is only enough money to put food on the table, living conditions are poor and necessities such as clean water are not as available as they are for us Americans. In other countries such as Colombia, the drug…show more content…
But even with the increase in workers the extremely low wages put families to the test in order to survive. They are willing to do things that would not seem justified here in America. In order to produce enough money for food, children are sent to work in these factories in hope that there will be enough money every day to feed the family. In America we have labor laws which prohibit young children from working but in India and locations such as Calcutta where a writer named Chitra Divakaruni is from, it is perfectly acceptable to see young children put to work in order to make money for their families. Chitra spent nineteen years in her hometown of Calcutta before immigrating to the United States. There she had seen the hardships of living in an underdeveloped and poverty-stricken society. When money is low Divakaruni states even most children would prefer bread then freedom(397). If it means more money to be put towards food on the table, they will see to it that their children work at these factories, even with poor working conditions. “Meanwhile these children, mostly employed by rug-makers,spend their days in dark, ill-ventilated rooms doing work that damages their eyes and lungs. They aren't even allowed to stand up and stretch. Each time they go to the bathroom, they
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