Globalization Is A Symbol Of The 21st Century

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Although globalization is saw as a symbol of the 21st century, the process of globalization is interrupt and challenge in 2016. The whole world is facing many dramatic changes in 2016. In fact, some of these changes may be the historic changes that have an important effect on the future. The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, which is also known as Brexit, the victory of Donald Trump in the United States presidential election, the new Philippines’ populist president Rodrigo Duterte, who ordered the police to execute every suspect drug dealer, the rise of European populist parties, all these events are going to have great impacts on the international situation. These events can be saw as the direct results of people’s demand is changing now and people choose to use their votes to express their needs. There is a common feature which can connect these events, which is populism. Nowadays, populism gets more attention and popularity, populism is being spread around the world and it started to affect the world’s politic and economic. With no doubt, populism is having a rapid rise in European and it starts to have a more substantial influence on the world.
What does the word “populism” actually mean? The meanings of populism are various. There is no any single word or sentence can describe it. It has been defined based on political, economic, social, and discursive features (Weyland 2001,1). The widespread of this word is started at two places, the United States
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