Globalization Is A Utopian Dream Of A Humanist Universality

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The main assumption of this report is to discredit the false claims that globalization of Capitalism is the only viable path to greater prosperity and development for a society. This report identifies that there is in fact a necessity to explore other economic systems because neoliberal capitalism is currently observed to be greatly impacted by economic and ecological predicaments. The annotations below show numerous possibilities of using alternative economies as an altenative for growth and prosperity.

Dacheux and Goujon’s article address the growing international reality that is at the very heart of the current economic sphere, that globalisation is a utopian dream of a humanist universality. Their forum suggests that a solidarity economy is a humanistic economy and would return trust in democratic deliberation. Solidarity economy offers a combination of initiatives, these include; linking productive activity to social demands rather than profitability; equal participation from both men and women towards the production of goods and services; structuring of local, national and international networks cooperatively based on consensus; collectively working towards a democratic regulation of economic activity.
The development and production of solidarity economies are found in many varying forms through the world that reflect differing local conditions. The solidarity economy encourages individual developments by organised participatory community efforts that restricts

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