Globalization Is An Undeniable Reality Of The Modern World Essay

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Globalization is an undeniable reality of the modern world. That said globalization means different things to different people. The debate about globalization is particularly complex because of the wide variety of ways that globalization affects people. Everyone has a stake in globalization, but some have more power to affect the system than others, Rebecca Todd Peters, in her book In Search of the Good Life, attempts to clarify the debate about globalization by identifying the 4 main viewpoints that exist. She identifies the dominant theories of globalization as neoliberalism and social equity liberalism. The to resistance theories, she characterizes as, earthism and post-colonialism. All the theories have specific proponents, historical contexts, ideologies, and goals for an ideal form of globalization. The goals of Peters’ book are to describe, critique, and provide her normative analysis of each model. She analyzes each model based on their idea of the ‘good life.’ She does this by asking three questions: “What is the position’s understanding of moral agency? ”, “What is humanities purpose –our end, or Telos? ”, and “What constitutes human flourishing?” (Pp. 22). Peters develops her normative analysis by providing answers to these questions based on her perspective and moral values. In the first 2 chapters of the book Peters details the goals of the book, provides some context for globalization, and situates her personal viewpoint. Peters’ normative analysis is based
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