Globalization Is Beneficial For Developing Countries

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Globalisation is beneficial for developing countries. Do you agree?

Globalisation is a complex term for describing a phenomenon that is happening around the world. According to Michael Shuman, World Bank has estimated in the year 2012 there was a significant increase of international migrants of about 251 million and more than a quarter of this population moved from a developing country in 2013, (Shuman, 2016). This indicates that countries have es-tablished its connection socially, politically and economically and having activities across national boundaries, including trades and businesses, but some people argue that globalisation has negative impacts on our society. However, this essay will examine the benefits of developing countries of globalisation such as the creation of employment overseas, promotes medical tourism and the in-troduction of new systems of documentation in the hospitals.

Firstly, globalisation generates employment opportunities. Australian Victorian Government (2016) highlights that, shortages in the skilled workforce greatly affect the company’s productivity and in-crease workload for the existing employees. However, this shortage of labour also creates a de-mand for skilled workers to migrate and fill up job openings, employers’ uses technology by means of international recruitment process. For example, social networking sites such as Facebook, Seek, and Twitter are examples of popular aspect of communication between firms and potential…
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