Globalization Is Good For You ! By Noah Smith: Article Analysis

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In 1999, the city of Seattle was swarmed with violent protesters in order to disrupt the World Trade Organization conference. The protesters were a mix of many groups, but all of the groups shared on ideal, anti-globalization. The protesters viciously destroyed buildings, streets, and caused a huge disruption in the city’s atmosphere. Although there are many globalization protesters, there are individuals who support globalization. In the article, “The Dark Side of Globalization.” written by Noah Smith describes the 1999 Seattle protest. Protestors stormed the streets and committed violent acts in order call attention to the dangers of globalization. Specifically, anarchists advocated the crisis of the United States participating in trade…show more content…
To begin, in the passage, “Globalization Is Good For You!” by Ronald Bailey suggests that globalization discourages child labor. For example, a country must participate in humane manufacturing of goods in order for the goods to be accepted and purchased by other countries. Specifically, the United States is a country that does not practice child labor due to the Fair Labor Standards Act enacted in 1938. Although, the United States spent 2.2 trillion dollars in 2016 on imports alone, therefore producers and manufacturers depend on wealthier countries to purchase their goods. For countries who rely on larger, wealthier countries to purchase goods to not allow children to work in the factory leading to, “lower incidence of exploitation.” (Bailey). Moreover, the author argues globalization promotes peace. The idea is once countries become dependent on another’s resources, countries will be less likely to declare war. In research conducted by Ju Hyun Pyun, a Korea University researcher concluded, “increase in bilateral trade interdependence significantly promotes peace.” (Bailey). Globalization supporters advocate the importance of connecting the world, and sharing the Earth’s
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