Essay on Globalization Is Good

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Discussion Questions for Globalization is Good Taiwan: Discussion questions 1. How has ‘land reform’ contributed to the rapid industrialization of Taiwan? Back in the 1950s the government of Taiwan started to offer yields of land for families to own and operate off of. The land, which was supplied with food/crop, released man power for industry to prosper. As the government distributed the land, the owners took advantage. Taiwan’s rural beginnings lead to industrial wealth like Mr. Wang, shown in the film. These people’s homes acted as factories inside and out. There was originally cheap labor and long hours which allowed Taiwan to offer cheap goods for western markets. 2. What role have ‘Sweat Shops’ and long hours played…show more content…
The factory is responsible to pay the money for that child to complete school and continue paying them their wage. 8. Using the table that follows compare the life and conditions of Vietnamese factory workers working for Nike with the conditions of workers on farms or in State owned enterprises? What conclusions can you make from this? The business is good and Nike and doesn’t show any signs of letting down. The management of the company is also viewed as a strong aspect. Employees of Nike, who formerly worked on the farm, weren’t getting paid as much as on the farm- now they are getting as much as 5x more. By hearing these people interviewed and seeing how pleased they are, it is difficult to see what the anti-globalists are so stressed out about when it comes to companies like Nike. They seem to be “doing the right thing.” 9. What negative impacts for less developed countries and their workers can come from anti-globalization groups promoting boycotts of goods produced by multinationals such as Nike? It has the threat of scaring them away from businesses such as Nike when really it can benefit their economy. These anti-globalization groups do not see what Nike has done for the people of Vietnam. The rumors and perceptions they feed the public makes Nike look bad. 10. How has the workplace practices of Nike impacted positively on other workplaces in Vietnam? Nike’s growth in Vietnam has
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