Globalization Is The Coming Together Of All Cultures From The World And The Sharing Of Knowledge

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Globalization is the coming together of all cultures from all over the world and the sharing of knowledge and resources. This sounds like a good thing, and that everyone should benefit from it, but that it not always the case. For as many positive connotations globalization has, it also has just as many, if not more, negative connotations. Better put, globalization “includes increased human interconnectedness facilitated by new information technologies and huge volumes of trade, capital, people, culture flowing across borders, and an ever more integrated economy” (Powell 2014). It also gave way for countries like China to open the market to sweatshop labor, which will be discussed later in the paper. Due to the advances in medicine and because of the increased attention and knowledge to health, people are living much longer than they used to. Due to the increase in the older population over the next twenty years, there will be an increased demand for health care workers, housing and other things that will create an increase in jobs. The creation of jobs and the advancement of medicine are good things, in theory. But what if there aren’t enough people to actually fill all these jobs that are being created, and if that is the case who is going to replace the workers who are retiring and leaving the work force? Statistics show that fertility in under developed countries over the past forty years has more or less stayed the same (Powell 2014). The same statistics show
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