Globalization Is The Connection Of People, Products, And Ideas

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Globalization is the connection of people, products, and ideas. The word to most implies big business, cultural diffusion, and ideally people joining together and singing, “We are the World”. However, there are just as many negative consequences as the positive ones. Specifically as it pertains to global health. Globalization has made it increasingly convenient for countless diseases to spread quicker than ever before. It is because of this recent epidemic that countless of countries around the world are taking initiative in improving their nation’s public health. Overview: Years ago diseases could be securely confined to an area, or place without fear of it turning into a global epidemic. Instead, do to advancements in technology a person who lives in Taiwan can spread an illness to someone that lives in Rome in a matter of days. The idea is that the illness becomes a borderless disease (Ritzer 331). It transcends any man made boundaries and can often have devastating results. People are extremely vulnerable to sickness and disease than ever before. According to Nobel Laureate and pandemic researcher Peter Doherty, “The swine flu virus was in Australia, before it could be identified in the United States” (“World Affairs”). A disease that was quickly circulating in the United States had already traveled to another country before it could be identified. This alone showcases how helpless people are to communicable diseases. The question quickly becomes, how are people
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